Multi-Party Payments

Digitize and Simplify Payments to Multiple Parties

Our automated multi-party payments eliminate the challenges payors and payees face when processing transactions.

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Customer pain points
A Payor May Have to
  • icon Connect with multiple individuals
  • icon Determine how funds should be allocated
  • icon Collect a mailing address for each payee
  • icon Print and mail checks
  • icon Manage checks inevitable returns
  • icon Manage checks inevitable returns
Few payment processes are as big a pain for payors and payees as multi-party payments
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How Payors and Payees Benefit from Automated Multi-Party Payments

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FOR Your business

Business benefits
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    Provide customers with a more efficient and personalized payment experience
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    No more multi-party checks, long payment processes, or chasing down payment details
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    Get rid of check printing, delayed approvals, and costly postage
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FOR payees

Payee benefits
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    Payees use an intuitive online portal to review and confirm payment details
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    They are in control of how and to whom payments are made to avoid reissuing checks
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    Flexibility how to receive payments
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    Payments are settled and deposited directly into the payee's account
Embedded Solutions

Simplicity for Every Use Case

Transcard supports multi-party payments for any business need:

Use Cases for Payors and Payees

Transcard’s multi-party payments solution is ideal for:

Tenant security refunds

Insurance payouts

Real estate settlements

Supplier payments

Service provider payments

Deposit refunds