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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TransCard a Processor, Program Manager, or both?
TransCard is a FinTech Company Focused on B2B and B2C Account-Based Payment Solutions and acts as both a Processor and Program Manager. If your organization wants to create, sell, and manage a Program, we can process the transactions on your behalf. If your organization is primarily focused on sales and wants to leave the operational aspects of the Program to someone else, TransCard can assist as the Program Manager.
Can I use TransCard’s applications or do I have to code to your API?
Because TransCard partners with a variety of organizations, each has specific needs as to how they connect with us.Using our open API sets, TransCard built “out of the box” applications used by organizations of all sizes. These white label applications can be branded with your logos and designs, and allow for rapid deployment. If you desire more flexibility and customization, you can bring our technology into your existing user interfaces by connecting to our open APIs.
Can TransCard’s solution be embedded into my company’s user experience?
Absolutely. With our open APIs, you can easily bring our functionality into any new or existing back-office or user interface - mobile or web based. TransCard’s SSO integration allows for a single sign-on user experience and a fluid, intuitive design flow. (TransCard maintains user financial and account information within our environment, mitigating your need for PCI certification.)
Can I select which disbursement methods and or products are available to my users?
The secret sauce of Paynuver is its ease of configuration. TransCard is constantly adding new disbursement methods and you can turn each method on or off for individual payees or on a per Program basis.
How do I find an issuing bank to sponsor my solution?
TransCard partners with over 250 financial institutions. A select number of these banks act specifically as third-party issuing banks for our clients. TransCard will work with you to select the most appropriate partner bank based on asset size, program expertise, or any criteria you require. If you are a financial institution, TransCard can easily enable you to become an issuing bank for all your Programs in as little as 30 days.
Who handles customer service?
All customer service is handled by TransCard employees based here in the US and is available 24/7. In addition, each partner is assigned a dedicated Success Manager who will work as your primary contact during implementation and post-launch.
What types of fraud protections are available?
TransCard has a dedicated Fraud team working in the background for all partners to handle any issues that arise from your Program. Real-time fraud tools and reporting are at their disposal that analyze our entire platform looking for potential problems to alert you immediately. We are happy to provide an extensive Security and Fraud overview document if needed. Additionally, to offset the risk to our clients, all sensitive payee account information is no longer stored on your servers but on the Paynuver platform. Our platform is audited by the IRS, OCC, and many other government entities in addition to being SSAE and PCI certified.
Is there any product similar to your disbursement platform, Paynuver?
Even though there are many disbursement platforms on the market today, virtually all of them offer only a single (i.e. check) or a few (i.e. check and ACH) disbursement options. Paynuver is a self-service solution that offers over 10 disbursement options, with more planned for the future. We provide so many options because our clients’ individual Program needs vary, and their customers demand a multitude of disbursement options that could differ by Program. For example, an overpayment refund of $5.13 would likely not be cashed if sent as a check, causing significant escheatment costs to the client. If that payment were sent via Paynuver, the end user could disburse to their bank account via their debit card instantly, put the money on a virtual card to use it online instantly, or even deposit it into their bank account via ACH - all of which lessen the likelihood of additional escheatment costs.
Other than multiple disbursement options, what makes Paynuver unique in the marketplace?
Paynuver has many unique aspects that we’d be happy to discuss by phone or in an online demo that is tailored to your needs. Some key functionalities include: Ability to attach virtually any type of document to the payment: claims, EOBs, releases, statements; ability to add confirmations and unlimited levels of digital signatures before the payment can be disbursed; ability to add workflow rules for recurring payments that automate the disbursement process and require no interaction from the payee.
How does the Payment Account work?
The Payment Account is an FDIC insured account, owned by our client with our client’s funds in it. It resides at our Paynuver bank partner. Funds are typically ACH or wired (other options may be available) into this account and become “good funds” once in this account and ready for immediate disbursement.
What methods can our customers use to access their disbursements?
Paynuver can send disbursements to both mobile and web user interfaces created by TransCard or via open APIs integrated directly into your existing applications.
How long does it take to get set up with Paynuver?
For standard programs without the need for API integrations, implementation can be as short as 30 days. With customization and extensive use of our open APIs, the timeline could reach 120 – 180 days.