Meet Transcard
with CEO Greg Bloh
at eurofinance 2021
Managing International Growth Through Recovery

Join Greg Bloh, Transcard CEO with panelists from BNY Mellon and Microsoft at the EuroFinance 2021 conference as they explore the latest in payments digitization with the maturation of real-time-enabled solutions.

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Payments: Real Time is Now
Topics will include:
  • Factors driving payments digitization globally with a need for reduced manual processes and a boost for straight-through processing
  • Real-time payment solutions maturing as new global payment messaging standards evolve
  • New payment technologies and trends for treasury in the U.S. and globally
  • Efficiencies that corporate buyers and suppliers can achieve with RTP
  • Steps for keeping treasury teams skilled to succeed in the new world of digitized payments
Group 195
Day 1 - March 3
Group 228
WED, 12:30 PM PST
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Expert panelists will explore the new payment trends and advances in the US and globally, including which developments are important for a corporate treasury.

Learn from a bank, fintech and corporate perspective about impacts to the global marketplace from real-time payments.

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Great Company on Stage
Jeff Horowitz
Managing Director, Treasury Services
Jim Scurlock
Head of Cash Management
Carl Slabicki
Executive Manager, Treasury Services
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About Transcard

Our goal is to bring you the latest in payment innovation as we continually interact with financial institutions, technology partners, industry thought leaders, networks and other payment facilitators. Over the years, we have made a substantial investment in our people, processes and processing platform.

Serving organizations throughout the United States, Transcard has strong partnerships with over 200 issuing banks and technology companies and proudly serves 550 top companies in many key industries, including healthcare, property management, insurance, transportation and financial services.