Multi-Party Payments

Digitize and Simplify Payments to Multiple Parties

Our automated multi-party payments eliminate the challenges payors and payees face when processing transactions.

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Streamlined operations


Enhanced customer experience


Fewer payment exceptions


Reduced operations costs

Complexity meets its match
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Efficiency and Convenience are Built-in

We offer a digital and streamlined approach to multi-party payments.

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FOR payees

Payee benefits
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    Use an intuitive online portal to review and confirm payment details
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    Choose how you want to receive payments, all managed by a single payment processing platform
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    Settle and deposit payments directly into your bank account
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    Provide customers with a more modern, efficient, and personalized payment experience
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FOR Your business

Business benefits
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    Completed payments are automatically reconciled in real time with the payor’s legacy system
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    Avoid the need to reissue checks by putting payees in control of how payments are made and who they are made to
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    No more multi-party checks, lengthy payment processes, and time wasted chasing payment details
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    Say goodbye to check printing, delayed approvals, costly postage, and manual reconciliation
Embedded Solutions

Solving for Better Payments

With a focus on these industries, we facilitate multi-party transactions in a complex payments ecosystem.

Any payment, any payment rail

Use Cases for Payors and Payees

We support multi-party payments for any business need:

Tenant security refunds

Insurance payouts

Real estate settlements

Service provider payments

Supplier payments

Deposit refunds

Amenity fees


Simplify Your Multi-Party Payments, with Embedded Solutions

Make payments directly from any ERP or legacy software to multiple parties.



Payouts & Disbursements

Pay any supplier or individual using any payment type, any payment rail, and any bank account for:

  • Claims payments

  • Worker compensation

  • Incentives for new renters

  • Deposit refunds

  • Emergency funding

  • Payouts during mortgage

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Insights, Payments & Onboarding

Effortlessly initiate payments and manage of any type directly in the payments portal for:

  • Disaster relief

  • Energy and utility payments

  • Refunds

  • Payroll

  • Supplier payments

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See How It Works

Our multi-party payments solution is ideal for:
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Property management firms
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Real estate companies
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Mortgage companies
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Insurance carriers
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